Global Investment


Through our experience and expertise in the market place, we have identified or established several non-security based investment mediums that offer consistent, repeatable returns over and above what is generally experienced by most investors using traditional investment channels. We strive for strong returns, minus the risk.

Global Investment Services

Here at RE Wealth Advisors the goal is to redefine the consultative relationship management role, where we work seamlessly with you to handle your fund administration so you can focus on what you do best: managing and growing your business. We have a number of different business mediums which have been established and proven profitable over the past several years that has consistently cleared a sustainable range of 15% – 75% ROI threshold.

Bank Guarantee & Standby Letter Of Credit Monetization

RE Wealth Advisors deals with several direct lenders against and providers for Bank Instruments. We have several personal relationships within this sector that include Private Bank Owners, Trading Platforms, and Private Corporations that lend on either a recourse or non-recourse basis on verified and legitimate instruments which can be blocked in favor of the Monetization group. Within this role, we can facilitate the introduction to legitimate providers of Bank Instruments on a contract basis. Please inquire with us for more information and to learn more about our ability to assist investors in this business sector.

Global Commodity Procurement

RE Wealth Advisors acts as a physical commodities broker within the international marketplace. We match legitimate buyers with legitimate sellers of various commodities including:

  • Oil & Oil Derivatives
  • Steel
  • Gold
  • Sugar
  • Medical Supplies

Please inquire within with specific requests for product and available pricing.


Private Foreign Currency Exchange Strategies & Solutions

Our global partners proprietary Private Currency strategies have been tested, performed and mastered to minimize all facets of risk for our clientele. Please call us to refer your file for a successful execution. Our clientele consists of Provider Platforms, High Net Worth Individuals and Corporations seeking to capture gains and offset their exposures. We can successfully execute transactions at a fair market price and properly manage all aspects of the exchange. Call us for procedures and rates.


Please note that stated investment returns are examples of possible returns available in the market place using these investment mediums and are not set in stone or guaranteed. Actual returns may be higher or lower depending on market factors that are outside of our control. RE Wealth Advisors LLC is not a broker-dealer and is not engaged in securities transactions of any kind. Our position is strictly that of a trusted consultant. All statements made in this section are opinion only and are subject to change at any time and without notice.

All correspondence between RE Wealth Advisors LLC and clients or potential clients is deemed confidential and is not to be shared or distributed to outside parties without expressed written consent.

Referring intermediaries who refer a client to RE Wealth Advisors LLC, Real Estate Wealth Advisors LLC or any of our affiliated companies and whom have had not participated in the actual transaction outside of an introductory roll will be paid out of a pool totaling 10% to 20% of the gross revenue received by our company. This ‘pool’ will be distributed between the total number of referring intermediaries to the transaction.